About Us

Sido Sehat means becomes healthy. Being healthy and fit should be a lifestyle. It is one of our mission as an online health store to give easier access for our customers to buy herbal medicines, supplements, and personal care that cannot be found at nearby stores.

We are very excited to create this healthy online store. For a start, we will carry most products from Sido Muncul and Nutrend International, also supplements from Berlico Farma.

Sido Muncul

Sido Muncul is a well-known and well-trusted brand for herbal medicine in Indonesia, currently has more than 200 products. Some of the best-selling products are Sari Kunyit, Sari Kulit Manggis, Sari Daun Pepaya, Sari Daun Sirsak, Tolak Angin Cair, Tolak Linu Cair, KukuBima Ener-G! Botol.

Nutrend International

Nutrend is an MLM company that sells healthy supplements, cosmetics, personal care, and organic fertilizer. Sido Sehat is providing people who are not a member of Nutrend International a chance to try these wonderful products before deciding to be a Nutrend International member themselves.

Berlico Farma

Berlico Farma is CPOB certified. This company produces medicine in liquid form (syrup), tablet, coated tablet, and cream. Berlico Farma also have supporting facilities such as research and development laboratory, quality control and quality assurance, pharmaceutical warehouse, air, water and waste processing system. At this moment, Berlico Farma has produced about 80 prescription medicines, OTC medicines, and supplements. However, Sido Sehat will only sell the supplements that can be bought without prescription.